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Donghai Moon Bay Sea-view Hotel

Donghai Moon Bay Seascape Hotel is located in Longkou Donghai Tourist Resort. The hotel stands beside the sea. It is named after the sea, and corresponds to the sea view. It is a resort hotel integrating catering, guest rooms, business, conferences, leisure and entertainment. The hotel has 361 guest rooms, is equipped with a large banquet hall, a Chinese restaurant, a coffee shop, a lobby bar, and 11 private banquet rooms, which can accommodate more than 1,000 guests for dining at the same time. The hotel has a high-end conference hall that can accommodate more than 600 people, as well as a VIP reception room and a number of luxurious conference rooms. In addition, leisure and entertainment facilities such as gyms, chess and card rooms, beauty salon, shopping mall and bath center are available.

Consultation reservation phone: 0086-535-8737777

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