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Nanshan Aluminium Held the Signing Ceremony of Aviation Processing Joint Venture with French Figeac Aero

On March 10, Shandong Nanshan Aluminium  Co., Ltd. held the signing ceremony of aviation processing joint venture with French Figeac Aero Group, both parties will actively promote cooperation and jointly invest to establish a joint venture to exploit the global market of deep processing of aviation parts. Lyu Bo, deputy municipal Party secretary and mayor of Longkou City, Jean-Claude MAILLARD, chairman of Figeac Aero, and main leaders of Nanshan Aluminium attended the signing ceremony.

On the ceremony, Mr. Jean-Claude MAILLARD, chairman of Figeac Aero, firstly gave a speech, he introduced the development conditions of Figeac Aero Group as well as the wish of cooperation with Nanshan, spoke highly of the overall industrial layout and future planning of Nanshan and praised the complete aluminium industrial chain, advanced R&D level and strong production capacity possessed by Nanshan Aluminium. Mr. MAILLARD expressed that he would actively promote resource sharing of both parties to realize complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win, and hoped that both parties could cooperate to achieve success in Chinese market and global market. 

Cheng Rence, chairman of Nanshan Aluminium, expressed that the cooperation between both parties represented that Nanshan Aluminium officially entered the field of aviation deep-processing and took a solid step in strategic development of “deep processing”. In the future, Nanshan Aluminium will continue focusing on R&D and batch production of aluminium materials for aviation and making efforts in the field of deep processing to build the joint venture into an excellent deep processing supplier in Chinese and even global aviation field.

Lyu Bo, deputy municipal Party secretary and mayor of Longkou City, introduced the situation in Longkou City and expressed that the municipal party committee and municipal government of Longkou City would go all out to provide the best service, largest support and best environment for the cooperation between both parties, and strive to build a good situation with joint development and win-win.

Witnessed by all attending leaders, Cheng Rence, chairman of Nanshan Aluminium, and Jean-Claude MAILLARD, chairman of Figeac Aero, respectively signed on the cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, both parties will establish a joint venture, which will be mainly engaged in processing, treatment, assembling, etc. of aviation parts.

Before the signing ceremony was held, Jean-Claude MAILLARD and his party also visited the reception center of Nanshan Group, Donghai Aeronautical Materials Park of Nanshan Aluminium, etc. to learn about the general development situation of the group company and the development conditions of aluminium segment in detail.

According to the information, founded in 2000 and located in Figeac, Lot, France, Figeac Aero is mainly engaged in processing, surface treatment and assembling of aviation extrusions, plates and forgings, and its major customers include world leading airplane manufacturing factories such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Gulfstream. At present, this company has developed into a world-class aviation deep processing supplier and occupied an important position in the field of manufacturing of global aviation parts.

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