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Nanshan Fabrics & Garments Co., Ltd. Won Many Laurels including “Xingwu?Jinsuo Award”

Recently, 2016 China Textile Innovation Conference Shishi Summit was held, and relevant leaders including the vice president of China National Textile and Apparel Council, academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, the director of China Textile Information Center attended this summit. In the summit, a good news came from Nanshan Fabrics & Garments Co., Ltd. that it won the Advanced Unit of “Xingwu·Jinsuo Award” Fourth National Textile Fabric Designer Cultivation; Liu Guohui, a designer of the R&D Center of spinning company, won the “Xingwu·Jinsuo Award” Fourth National Top 10 Textile Fabric Designer; and Guo Xiaoyun, a designer, won the “Xingwu·Jinsuo Award” Fourth National Excellent Textile Fabric Designer.

It is reported that this summit, sponsored by China National Textile and Apparel Council, is one of the most influential annual meetings in the Chinese textile industry as well as a special session for the Chinese textile industry to sum up the annual innovative products and discuss about the future innovative development modes. This annual conference has been successfully held for 17 sessions since 1999. This annual conference focused on discussing about how to improve the supply quality and efficiency and activate and release the effective demand in the opening year of the “13th Five-year” Plan; how to explore the innovative genes of textile products to boost the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry starting from the nature of products and based on the excelsior “Spirit of Originality”.

Nanshan Fabrics & Garments Co., Ltd. will take this opportunity of winning the award, broaden the horizon, look to the future and constantly develop the high-quality products to meet the market demand and boost the corporate development.

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