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Nanshan Group Listed in Top 500 Chinese Powerful Brands with World Influence

The list of “2016 Top 500 Chinese Powerful Brands with World Influence” was released to the world in New York, USA, and Nanshan Group was included in it. The listed brands will be widely noticed by the global Chinese consumer groups and also be the first choice in the mind of the global Chinese consumers.

This list is jointly elected by such organizations as USCGC, WBO, WWRA and EAAIU. Following the scientific, objective, systematic, fair, feasible and comparable principles, based on 18 indicators on 9 aspects including “property scale, total profit and tax, market share, operating efficiency, technical innovation, management innovation, social responsibility, internationalization and informatization”, more than 1,800 leading enterprises of the industry in the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and the abroad were comprehensively evaluated and elected after several cycles. Finally, the International Expert Committee examined and selected 500 brand enterprises of 56 grades as the excellent brand enterprise representatives showing the power of China.

The enterprises listed in “2016 500 Top Chinese Powerful Brands with World Influence” will have the chance to get an invitation to hold special medal presentation ceremony and key cooperative project release conference, enterprise resource recommendation and other activities in New York, USA, China (Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao), Tokyo, Japan, London, UK, Singapore and Soul, South Korea for them to reform and innovate, go out to the world, boost the global strategic cooperation, seek for joint development and promote the Top 500 Chinese Powerful Brands to go to the world.

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