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Nanshan Fabric & Garment Won the “Annual Excellent Board of Directors” Award

A few days ago, the list of 2014 “Star Board of Directors Media Award” hosted by dongshiju.com, co-hosted by Asia Business Net News and jointly elected by many domestic financial and economic media editors and reporters was published. Shandong Nanshan Fabric & Garment Co., Ltd. was granted the award of “Annual Excellent Board of Directors” with the outstanding performance in corporate governance.

As a large-scale enterprise integrating spinning production and garment manufacture, Shandong Nanshan Fabric & Garment Co., Ltd. has marched toward the international development road by continuous breakthrough and innovation based on clear strategic target and advanced management system, which has successively won such titles as the First Batch of Ten 3A Credit Enterprises of the Textile and Garment Industry, Model Enterprise of Textile Technology Innovation and Leading Enterprise of Chinese Career Apparel. The comprehensive strength of the company ranked top in Chinese wool textile enterprises and the textile and apparel industry.

In November 2014, the garments for APEC female leaders creatively designed by BIFT?Nanshan Chinese Career Apparel Research & Development Center were highly appreciated and evaluated by the committee. Besides, Nanshan Fabric & Garment Co., Ltd. was also the manufacturer of clothes for referees and officers of London Organizing Committee of Olympic Games in 2008 as well as a production cooperator of many first-class international luxury garment brands.

Nowadays, with “Keeping a Foothold in China and Making an Overall Arrangement in the World” as the strategic direction, Nanshan Fabric & Garment Co., Ltd. has successively set organizations for supply of raw materials, research and development, marketing and operation in Australia, Italy, America, Japan and Singapore, established and completed the international talent cultivation system and integrated the channels of international information resources and strategic layout of the global market on the road of globalization steadily
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