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Nanshan University being Confirmed as Pilot Unit for Education Informationization in Shandong Province

To implement the national“Thirteen Five-Year” Plan for Education Informationization and actively explore the development mode and promotion mechanism of education informationization, Shandong Provincial Education Department recently published the list of the second batch of pilot units for education informationization in Shandong Province, 19 provincial universities such as Nanshan University, Qingdao University and Qilu University of Technology were listed and the education informationization construction of these universities greeted a new development opportunity.

To quicken the education informationization of the whole province, Shandong Provincial Education Department initiated the pilot work of education informationization of Shandong Province in June 2014, which mainly faced the universities in the whole province and the education administrative departments of various places, aiming at taking the implementation of pilot projects as the grasp to form a batch of pilot regions and universities of education informationization with distinctive features and obvious effect in the whole province, giving full play to the pilot, radiation, demonstration and promotion function, promoting in-depth integration and application of information technology and education teaching and overally promoting the development level of education informationization of this province.

Nanshan University will take piloting of education informationization of Shandong Province as the chance, increase the input, actively explore and promote construction of smart campus, and take 3-4 years to improve the network infrastructures, enhances construction of network safety and realize intelligent network access and intelligent management to lay a solid foundation for building a learning-oriented and open campus where “everyone can learn at any time and in any place”; and meanwhile, will actively cooperate with each relevant unit, strive for the support of various aspects and strictly implement the pilot work scheme of education informationization to reach the expected effect, ensure to pass the acceptance and strive to win the title of “Demonstration Unit for Education Informationization in Shandong Province”.

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