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Song Jianbo, Chairman of Nanshan Group, attended the

On December 9, China Listed Companies to Build the "Belt and Road" Forum for International Cooperation and Transnational Investment Conference was held in Beijing. Song Jianbo, Chairman of Nanshan Group, attended the conference and introduced the main achievements of Nanshan in participating in the "Belt and Road ".

This forum is co-sponsored by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and World Trade Centers Association. Themed by contribution to the "Belt and Road", it's aimed at promoting international cooperation and building consensus.

Around the promotion of infrastructure construction and basic energy development, international capacity and local cooperation, project implementation thanks to diversified financing and investment, strengthening of smooth trade, release of results, etc., business representatives, government leaders, experts and scholars expressed their opinions freely, exchanged their views on specific measures on the "Belt and Road" and problems encountered, and put forward reasonable suggestions according to the actual situation.

Chairman Song Jianbo made a speech at the forum, and introduced industrial development in Nanshan, and project investment and construction in Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and other countries. The 2 Million Tons Alumina Project invested and constructed by Nanshan has been officially launched in Indonesia with the thermal power plant, port with the annual throughput of 20 million tons and other facilities. The Indonesian government has set up "Kalang Batang Special Economic Zone", the first domestic manufacturing special economic zone, which has unique environment, resource and policy advantages, etc.; As Singapore is an international financial center, trade center and shipping center, Nanshan is endeavoring to build a new platform for Nanshan international investment cooperation, and is committed to developing export trade in aluminum products for ASEAN, Australia and some countries in Middle East. In the meantime, it's preparing the international shipping integrated logistics platform company to provide shipping support for Nanshan to implement its globalization strategy; In Australia, Nanshan focuses on adjusting and optimizing the foreign trade investment structure, being a shareholder of Virgin Australia and acquiring ultra-fine wool for the fabric and ready-to-wear production in domestic textile and clothing enterprises. Its golf resort, tourism real estate, wine group cooperation and other projects have also made good results.

Chairman Song Jianbo said that the great initiatives and strategic ideas of the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and "21st-Century Maritime Silk Road" brought unprecedented opportunities for Nanshan to achieve high quality development. With the deepening of the "Belt and Road", Nanshan will continue to accelerate the process of enterprise internationalization and globalization, and keep a foothold in China with global vision. With more open and inclusive attitudes and the working style of "doing nothing or doing the best", Nanshan will actively realize mutual sharing of resources, unimpeded trade, complementary advantages and cultural integration with countries involved in "Belt and Road " to lay a solid foundation for building a long-lasting Nanshan. 

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