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Nanshan Aluminum Profile Co., Ltd. won the award by Nadcap for 24-month NDT accreditation length

Recently, we have learned from eAuditnet, the official website of PRI (Performance Review Institute, an International Association for Quality Assessment), that the Nadcap non-destructive testing of the aero material division of Nanshan Aluminum Profile Co., Ltd. (Nanshan Aluminum Extrusion General Plant) of Nanshan Aluminum Co., Ltd. obtained a 24-month accreditation length, becoming the second daughter company in Nanshan Aluminum to obtain the award and honor for the NADCAP NDT special service accreditation with the highest accreditation length.

Nadcap is the abbreviation of USA National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program, it is a global cooperative accreditation program for special products and processes in aerospace engineering, defense and related industries aerospace and defense industry certification for special products and processes. Namely it is a system for the certification of special products and processes of the aerospace industry jointly initiated and developed by the US aerospace and defense industry giants, the USA Ministry of Defense, SAE and other institutions. At present, it has become a mandatory requirement for aviation customers such as Boeing, Airbus, and GE to select and access their suppliers. For a reward of 18-month accreditation length by Nadcap-NDT accreditation, you must ensure that each audit does not exceed 1 major non-conformity, the total number of non-conformities cannot exceed 4, and standards are met in 2 consecutive audits. In addition, for a reward of 24-month accreditation length, you must ensure that the two consecutive 18-month rewards have been obtained, and there is no any major non-conformity in each audit.

In this audit, the NDT certification team carried forward the spirit of unity and cooperation, overcame a series of difficulties such as the renovation of flaw detection equipment, the construction of new bridge frame, the preparation of a large number of documents, the commissioning of equipment and the upgrading of ultrasonic specific inspection sheets, and finally won the 24-month accreditation length award with zero non-conformance items through iterative verification by conducting standard gap analysis combined with field operations, which has laid a solid foundation for the Company’s continuous and stable management of special processes.

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