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Nanshan Aluminum reaped a bumper harvest at the “2022 Presentation Conference of Quality Achievements by the Nonferrous Metals Association”

Recently, the 2022 Quality Management Team Achievement and Quality Trustworthy Team Experience Exchange Conference of Nonferrous Metals Industry was held in Changsha. This exchange conference lasted for five days. In total 8 achievement items of quality team and trustworthy team construction of flat-rolled product division, electric power company, aluminum electrolysis company and alumina company of Nanshan Aluminum participated in the competition and achieved gratifying results.

Group photo of representatives of Nanshan Aluminum

More than 100 enterprises from 22 provinces and municipalities participated in this conference, with a total of 235 achievement items, including 32 innovation type topics and 203 problem-solving type topics; and 54 quality trustworthy teams participated in this competition. Nanshan Aluminum Co., Ltd. participated in the competition with 1 innovation type achievement item, 4 problem-solving type achievement items and 1 quality trustworthy team construction achievement item. In addition, two achievement items were published online.

This conference focuses on summarizing and exchanging the achievements of mass quality management activities, promoting best practice experience, calling on the majority of employees to stand on their posts and attach importance to quality, carrying forward the spirit of craftsmanship, guiding enterprises to carry out quality improvement and innovation activities, and consolidating the mass foundation for high-quality development.

Group photo of some participants outside the venue

At the conference, the representatives of Nanshan Aluminum made wonderful presentations: based on reality and closely integrated with production; with sufficient arguments and fluent expression; with remarkable achievements and considerable economic benefits, which fully demonstrate a Nanshan person’s spiritual outlook of “Do Nothing or Do the Best. The Pursuit of Development is Endless”. It has been unanimously recognized and praised by the judges and colleagues in the industry. The professional and wonderful comments of the judges also made everyone gain a lot.

Among them, the “Production Process Optimization of Battery Foil Stock” presented by the “Sailing QC Team” from the Cold Rolling Plant of the Flat-rolled Product Division won the “Excellent Presentation Award”; Zhang Ruining from the Finishing Plant of the Flat-rolled Product Division won the honorary title of “Advanced Individual of Team Construction”; Fang Hui from the Alumina Company won the honorary title of “Excellent Promoter of Quality Team”.

“Excellent Presentation Award of QC Team”

Wang Haixia (sixth from the left) of the Flat-rolled Product Division came to the stage to accept the award

“Excellent Promoter of Quality Management Team”

Qu Yuying of Alumina Company (first from right) came to the stage to accept the award

“Advanced Individual of Quality Trustworthy Team Construction”

Wang Ziyan (fifth from left) of Aluminum Control Center came to the stage to accept the award

In this achievement presentation conference, representatives of Nanshan Aluminum obtained fruitful results, showing the style of Nanshan people. In the future, Nanshan Aluminum will continue to make breakthroughs and innovations in the construction of quality teams and trustworthy teams from the aspects of quality activity control process management, quality personnel cultivating and capacity building, achievement transformation and application, etc., making it truly a powerful tool to promote the high-quality development of the enterprise.

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