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Nanshan Aluminum won the great achievement of “First Batch of New Material Products in Shandong Province”

On August 29,the Shandong Advanced Manufacturing Province Construction Work Conference was held in Jinan.At the meeting,provincial leaders awarded the prizes to high-quality enterprises and innovative products in advanced manufacturing industries.Nanshan Aluminum was invited to attend the meeting as the enterprise with"First Batch of New Material Products in Shandong Province"to be commended.Lv Zhengfeng,chairman of Nanshan Aluminum,came to accept the award.

It is reported that in order to promote enterprises to carry out research and development of new materials,governments at all levels have established a relatively complete policy system for insurance compensation for new materials,and carried out insurance subsidies for the first batch application of new materials.

Up to now,Nanshan Aluminum has received insurance compensation for the first batch application of key new materials from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for a total of 4 new products and three times,and is in a leading position in the province,which greatly mobilizes the company’s research and development of new technologies,new materials,and new products.Nanshan Aluminum will take this award as an opportunity to focus on stimulating innovation momentum,pay close attention to technology research and development,carry out in-depth research on“stuck neck”technology and industry-specific technology,accelerate the implementation of high value-added new materials and new products,and promote the high-quality development of the enterprise.
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