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Nanshan Aluminum ABS Outer Technology Reached the International Leading Level

Recently, Nanshan Technology Center organized Nanshan Aluminum to participate in the scientific and technological achievements appraisal work of China Non-ferrous Metal Industry Association. Experts consistently agree that the overall technology of Nanshan Aluminum’s project “high-performance 6xxx series aluminum alloy sheet for automobile closures and its industrialization” has reached the international leading level.

The evaluation of scientific and technological achievements was organized by China Non-ferrous Metal Industry Association, and 6 industry experts including 3 academicians and leaders of the Association were invited to form an evaluation expert group to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the Project.

The group of experts consistently agree that the Project has outstanding innovative technology and advanced technical indicators, a complete set of technical skills have been developed to break the foreign monopoly, the overall technology is of great difficulty, high complexity, good technical reproducibility and high maturity, having remarkable economic and social benefits. With the Project, the domestic 6 XXX aluminum alloy sheet product for automotive closures has achieved the breaking-though from zero, the comprehensive competitiveness in the international market has been significantly improved, and the overall technical level of the Project has reached the international leading level.

Up to now, Nanshan Technology Center has organized enterprises of Nanshan Holdings to complete appraisal work of 20 scientific and technological achievements, among which, the overall technical level of 6 projects has reached international leading, 8 projects are international advanced and 6 projects are domestic leading. In the next step, based on this, the Center will actively carry out the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements to ensure that the Company’s relevant scientific research achievements are fully explored and publicized to effectively enhance the Company’s brand awareness and influence.

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