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Nanshan Aluminum Completed the Integration of Informatization and Industrialization Management System Certification for “AA” Upgrade

Recently, Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co., LTD. completed the integration of informatization and industrialization management system certification for upgrade from “A” to “AA” level, promoting the transformation and upgrading of Nanshan Aluminum from traditional enterprise, accelerating the landing of strategic goals, driving the spread of enterprise brand influence while highlighting the comprehensive capabilities of Nanshan Aluminum.

In order to actively respond to the government’s pilot work and strive for greater benefits for the company, Nanshan Aluminum started the AA-level upgrading of the integration of informatization and industrialization management system in May this year, and planned the new ability of digital research & development and lean manufacturing collaborative control with the MES system of the flat-rolled production division and the PLM system of the forging company as the carrier. During the trial operation, the evaluation and diagnosis, the ability building of the informatization & industrialization integration, the internal audit, the management review and the monitoring and measurement etc. were completed, and the two stages of external evaluation and audit were completed from September 26 to October 30. Recently, through the compliance review of the informatization & industrialization integration alliance as well as expert review and publicity, Nanshan Aluminum successfully completed the integration of informatization & industrialization management system certification for “AA” upgrade.

Adhering to the sustainable development idea of “based on high starting point, utilizing high technology and creating high quality”, Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co., Ltd. has built an industrial chain operation mode with deep processing of aluminum industry as the main part, actively carried out strategic adjustment, and constantly leant to the high-end industry, becoming an aluminum production and processing enterprise with the most high-end equipment, the most advanced technology in the world and the processing ability at the forefront of China. The development of enterprises is standardized through informatization management tools, and the comprehensive management level of enterprises is constantly improved.

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